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Hot Tub Limo began in January 2010 after front man Johnathan Frase ended a solo career to take up full band shows. The band played their first live show on March 17th 2010. They began playing all local venues to Kent Island Maryland through the spring and by Summer time were playing in Baltimore and Annapolis as well.

They also do fundraising and charity shows for ALS and Relay for Life

Date Formed:2010
Musical Influence:Meatloaf, Rhianna, Poison, Bruno Mars, Cameo, Guns and Roses, Justin Timberlake, Fine Young Cannibals, Spacehog and so so many more
Sounds Like:Whatever you ask for but it sounds' good
Best Song:covers
Favorite Venue:The Jetty


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htl on March 02, 2011 10:59 AM

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