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Dan Haas has been playing and performing for fifteen years.  In March of 2001 he formed his current band "Ben's Bones."  Dan Haas'  stage presence  is the perfect compliment to the groups brilliant musicians.  Ben's Bones is easily one of the best three bands in Annapolis.      

Date Formed:March 2001
Musical Influence:Neil Finn & Crowded House / Elvis Costello / Paul Simon / 80's smooth rock
Sounds Like:"A mix of the above with a little less polish. I am working on that though." -Dan Haas
Best Song:Tie between "She's on the Stairs," and "360"
Favorite Venue:Ramshead Tavern or 49 West
CD Available:Online at or at shows. GOODbye MOON: 11 Songs: Wishful Thinking:
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I write a music blog for my audience research class. I'm new to blogging and I want them to be good! So any advice you guys could give me would be great on March 21, 2013 02:09 PM
About this i can say that If there were no clouds, we should not enjoy the sun.
coigift on November 24, 2010 11:10 AM
Ben's Bones is hands down one of my favorite bands anywhere. They have all of the talent and clever songs to make it big, but that's not what these guys are all about. They have a standing gig every other Monday night at 49 West. This is their best venue because they play mostly original music and the intimate setting makes you feel like you are part of the band. Their sound is like Counting Crows, John Mayer and The Wallflowers with a bit of Maroon Five. Amazing! Everyone that I take to a show ends up buying a CD.
Michael Heer on September 02, 2010 08:54 AM

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