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May 28, 2017
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Chill. That's Shawn's style and sound. That's the best way to describe it. Whether he's lightly finger picking and singing falsetto or violently strumming and screaming apparently angered at the microphone, he brings his emotions of relaxation, energy, love, aggression, peace and struggle simultaneously to the surface for all to see. The passion is undeniable, creating a sense of repose.

His early musical appreciation years were consumed by classic rock, 80's pop (collateral damage consistent with having an older sister in that era) and early 90's alternative. He credits what truly changed his musical life was the first time he heard Bob Marley. The energy and message he conveys with his relaxing vibe resonated with Shawn. Bob, along with Sublime and Jack Johnson, are acknowledged as Shawn's biggest musical and dispositional influences. Along with many other inspiring artist, these icons have helped shape Shawn's unique sound.

Shawn began his professional music career by forming Stolen Element in 1999, playing a home brewed style of punk rock reggae music while manning guitar and vocals over the past ten years. Stolen Element toured through beach bars and college parties throughout the east coast, selling over 3000 copies of their original EP. As the band dissolved, Shawn took to the solo route and has excelled in Annapolis, MD where he now calls home.

He performs regularly around Annapolis, MD and the surrounding region as a solo performer and fronting the Shawn Owen Band. The SOBs perform original songs and some well-timed rock reggae covers from various artists from Sublime to Bob Dylan, Bob Marley to Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Tom Petty to John Denver and everything in between.

Shawn is currently recording his first full length LP with the SOBs. The album is scheduled for release July 2011. It consists of all original material written by Shawn on various topics of life, love, pain, joy, loss and much other subject matter that relates to all our lives.

Date Formed:2009
Musical Influence:Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Sublime, Ben Harper,
Sounds Like:Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews
Best Song:Make Money
Favorite Venue:Pusser's
CD Available:not yet
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Shawn is awesome! Always enjoyable to listen to!
Amanda on February 27, 2013 05:13 PM
I FRIGGIN&#x27; Love this dude.....great music collection....easy on the ears and soul but can rock out as needed..... <br/>Little Joe
Little Joe on October 14, 2011 06:12 PM

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