Doug Segree
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May 28, 2017
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Doug Segree is a powder keg of talent that explodes each time he takes to the stage.  Doug, with his guitar and microphone, is able to touch and stir something powerful in the soul of his audience.  Doug's undeniable passion, talent, and musical ability has allowed him to  play all over the East Coast; making lifetime fans and friends along the way.

Musical Influence:David Grey, Peter Gabriel, Floyd, Mom, DMB, Counting Crows, Tom Petty, Dad, Paul Simon, sister, James Taylor, Ben Harper, beach, Marley, Beatles, John Mayer, The Dead, Ben Folds,Niel Young, my brothers, Dire Straits, my michelle,
Sounds Like:Carbon Leaf meets Dave Matthews, Vertical Horizon and Better Than Ezra
Best Song:Positively
Favorite Venue:Starboard
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Annapolis' Hottest Singer and all around good dude!!!
LJ on August 20, 2009 12:49 AM

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