Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant
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Happy Hour at the Brewery
04:00PM - 06:30PM

3.77 / 5

13 Ratings

Best Feature:They brew awesome beers on site. They have an awesome fire pit for outdoor seating.
Age Range:25-50
Last Call:12:45am Sun-Thurs, 1:45am Fri-Sat
Theme:Brewery Restaurant

Gordon Biersch is the only brewery restaurant in Annapolis. It is located in Town Center at the Opposite end of P.F. Chang's. They have a great outdoor seating area. They always have a seasonal beer, brewed up for your happiness. The lounge area is adequate. The bar area is surrounded by 5 large flat screen tv's, making it an ideal place to catch the games. The thing I love about Gordon Biersch is that it is a locals bar. That and they have an item on their brunch menu called the Hangover Pizza.

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