Birthday:October 19, 1970
Relationship Status:Single
Interested In:Women
Looking For:Friendship
Political Views:In the middle of the road.
Religious Views:Christian
Hometown:Calvert County
Mobile Phone:(443) 977-9924

Darts, boating , fishing, camping , nascar, drag racing ,beach , swimming , corn hole , hiking, hunting.


I enjoy time with family and friends. I like to meet new people and hear about there journey that got them where they are . I like cookout and anything near the water . I like to sit by the water and have a cold drink and be around fun and good people . I can and have been the life of the party .

Favorite Music:

Country, R&B , Hip Hop, jazz

Favorite TV:

Criminal Minds, Swamp People , Moonshiners, CSI Miami , Bar Rescue.

Favorite Movies:

Hunt For Red October , JFK, Face Off, Bad Boys 1,2, Leathal Weapon ,Failure To Launch, Jumping The Broom .

Favorite Books:

Any John Grisham or Tom Clancy books

Favorite Quotes:

It is what it is
No matter how you ask the question , the answer will not change.

Favorite Drinks:

Grey Goose
Fire Ball
Jack Daniels

About Me:

I am a fun loving and caring guy who tried to enjoy life to the fullest . I try to spend as much time with family and loved ones as we all know that tomorrow is not promised . I enjoy anything dealing with the water. I am a High School and College referee so I enjoy basketball.


I am a telecommucations contractor .

Favorite Bands:Bumpin Uglies, Dirty Names


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