Relationship Status:Single
Interested In:Women
Looking For:A Relationship, Friendship, Networking, Dating

Sailing (racing dinghies amd big boats, amd just for fun)
Skiing (37 resorts in twelve states and BC bagged thus far, I hope to reach 40 after a few years off the planks due to a knee replace,ent next season.)
Photography (anything that looks cool, car and motorcycle racing at Summit Point, WV or any track I've been to nationwide, nature, water, sunsets, sailing, people, bands, etc)
Building &modifying stuff (I'm a gear head with gas in my veins!)

Favorite Music:

Royal Southern Brotherhood
Samantha Fish
Foo Fighters
emmet swimming
The Rolling Stones
Michael McHenry & The Tribe
Charlie Wooton (RSB's bassist)
Tab Benoit

Favorite TV:

The Capitals (will probably FINALLY win a Stanley Cup a month after I die, even though I saw my first game in 1985 and have been a fan ever since.)
Deadliest Catch
Chasing Classic Cars

Favorite Movies:

Pulp Fiction
Into The Wild
Gone In Sixty Seconds

Favorite Books:

Into Thin Air
Into The Wild
It's Not About The Bike (Lamce Armstrong's autobiography)

Favorite Drinks:

Rum & coke
Tanqierey & Tonic
A REAL Black & Tan (Don't BS me and put in 3/4ths Dominion Lager and not tell me, I have an educated tongue, McGarvey's)


KATO Marine
Plenty of other previous jobs,
Race car engineering
Teaching kids skiing at Mammoth Mountain, CA Beaver Creek, CO, & Camelback, PA (5 seasons total)
Teaching kids sailing (3 seasons, 2 at West River Sailing Club where I took lessons the two previous years and the NC Maritime Museum the summer of 1995 when I made 2x as much and they gave us our own free house to live in.)

Favorite Bands:Michael Mchenry Tribe


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