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Birthday:July 06, 1984
Interested In:Women
Hometown:Annapolis, Maryland
About Me:

I just made a big jump out into Chicago! I used to be a banker in Annapolis, Maryland. I'm still sort of a part-time IT consultant for a business in DC. I'm looking for work, so if you can hook a guy up...

I'm a big geek into the usual stuff: comics, video games, tv, movies. But I also love to go out, to travel and visit new places, to see museums and aquariums, meet and talk with new people, and to party in bars and lounges. I like to go to the gym and lift weights... when I have the time.

I'm into computers and technology. I'm a programmer and software engineer, and I would like to try to have a hand in the video game industry some day. Web design is a big hobby of mine as well as taking lots of random photos, being the asian I am.

Drink: Crown and Coke, Bud Light
Smoke: Occasionally. Like once every other month, it seems.
Restaurant: Olive Garden
Clothing brand: Affliction, 7 Diamonds, Under Armour
Fun Activity: Obliterating zombie hordes
Ninja or Pirate: Ninjas all the way, baby.
Superhero: Batman
PC or Mac: PC
OS: Vista (not fave but currently using)
Game: RPG, Shooters, Action, Puzzle, Strategy
Favorite feature of a woman: Smile
Sports: Washington Redskins
If I could live anywhere: Chicago
If I could be anyone: Dr. McNinja
Addictions: Diet Coke, Sushi, Bagel Bites


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BIG CAT on February 07, 2009 11:02 PM

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